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Analyst Trainee Program
Our Analyst Trainee Program is ideally suited to those with little or no work experience and is open to all fields of undergraduate or graduate level degrees. You will be working directly with the leaders of our company, who are widely regarded as industry experts.
Meet our People: Jennifer
“The thing I most enjoy about my job is that I am able to offer people solutions. I consistently receive positive feedback from customers. They are thankful that I take the time to listen to them and educate them on the options available.”

Training and Development
SPS is a dedicated learning organization. We believe that our associates are the strength of our business; and, as they develop, our business grows stronger.
We give our new associates the training necessary to be successful in their jobs. In addition, we allow our associates the opportunity to become industry experts by regularly providing ongoing training, education and career development opportunities. We proudly offer a variety of learning approaches, including classroom training, online learning, on-the-job training, and one-on-one coaching.
We also encourage our associates to continue their education by offering tuition reimbursement on approved programs and courses. These development opportunities enable our associates to expand their knowledge and skills in order to achieve their career goals.
Analyst Trainee
At SPS we strive to develop and promote our employees, which is why we developed our Analyst Trainee Program. This program combines classroom training with real-world business and technical experience. It includes a variety of development experiences to bolster your portfolio of business and management skills.
The Analyst Trainee Program is a multi-phased program focused on giving participants the opportunity to experience different SPS departments at varying levels of responsibility. Participants will benefit from executive mentorship, diversified responsibilities and networking opportunities.
Successful participants will possess:
  • Dedication, motivation and a drive to succeed
  • Superior communication, analytical and leadership skills
  • A demonstrated ability to deliver results
  • Business acumen
  • A commitment to innovation and change
  • The drive to make things happen
We want you to enjoy a long-term rewarding career with SPS and we are committed to giving you the tools and the opportunities to do so. Upon successful completion of the Analyst Trainee Program you will progress into either a vital analytical role or a leadership position where you will continue to experience specialized training and development experiences.
SPS University Mortgage Certificate Program
Our SPS University Mortgage Certificate Program is just one example of the first-rate training offered at SPS. The certificate program consists of a series of courses that increase our associates’ industry and business knowledge. This program gives our staff a broader perspective about our business and prepares them for future growth. Associates may earn up to three levels of certification by completing certain course requirements.